April 03, 2008

Life, Death, and Chocolate Returned

Life Mono is essentially gone, food poisoning gone for a while. To make things more interesting, I ended up breaking a little toe running it against the leg of my couch. That's improved to a minor ache, instead of a constant shooting pain.

My mother called at a point that it really hurt, and I hadn't told her I broke it, because I didn't want her to worry. So, of course, since I wasn't my normal cheerful self, she started to worry. Long story short, I ended up spending the two weeks around Easter at my parents place.

Did all sorts of random errands/chores. One, my dad was considering buying a used Mini Cooper, and I went along with him. The used car place had the hardest, and most incompetent, hard sell techniques I've ever seen. I wanted to bail, my dad was more patient. Unsurprisingly, they named a price about 5 K higher than he wanted, so we left.

In terms of incompetence, they kept making assumptions that weren't true-> dad was buying the car for me, I worked in that particular little town, I was married and had kids. I was diplomatic with that last one, and didn't come out to the sales lady, saying I had just never found the right partner.

Death The father of probably my major friend from school, during high school, died the week before Easter. My parents and I went to the funeral. His health apparently had been getting worse, and left the house only for medical appointments in the last 2 years. My friend seems to be doing ok, both now and in general. I gave him my telephone number and email address, but haven't heard from him yet. We'll see.

Chocolate Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper is actually pretty good. Just saying.

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