May 23, 2007

Kiss That Frog

Somewhere between 10-20 years ago, I heard a song on the radio, liked it, and never heard it again. I've been looking for it slightly since then, with no luck. Turns out it was Peter Gabriel's Kiss That Frog.

Live Performance:

The rather psychadelic video:

The song to scenes from Farscape, which makes much more sense:

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May 20, 2007


It's been a while since I've seen a movie on opening weekend, but after watching these trailers from Transformers, I may have to do it.

H/T: Penny Arcade

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May 04, 2007

The Spring of Major Revelations

I don't know what it is, but there's been something of a trend of friends/ family/ others revealing things that aren't life-threatening, exactly, but likely life-changing. Lets see:

1) My mother needs either a cardiac stent or bypass. This was found as part of a screen, not in response to chest pain or something, so I think she'll be ok. But it isn't fun.

2) JohnL started hinting at some bad stuff happening to him in the past.

3) My godson has been diagnosed with some reading and writing difficulties. Partially due to this, and seemingly due to the fact that he's an active boy, the school that his parents were expecting him to go to for 1st grade has refused to take him, at least a couple of months after most of these kinds of decisions have been made.

4) A friend had a breast lump biopsied recently. It turned out to be not a problem, but still wasn't fun for her.

5) A couple I know from college are expecting a son, in September. This has larger career changing implications for them than for most couples [which is big, anyway]

And to this, lets add:
1) Dallas having possibly up to 100 mile an hour winds. Friends of mine lost power, but no other problems [that I know of, anyway].
2) Pete of APCB discussing his daughter's apparently high functioning autism.
3) Yesterday, driving along the Seawall, there were quite a few people waving flags, including a small group of people in uniform, at attention. I wondered what parade could be happening on May3, on a Thursday. Turned out, they were gathering for the route the hearse took for Spc. Eddie Tamezís body. [no article in the Galveston Daily News, just a picture that won't be there permanently]

It's been an ok time for me personally, the St Arnold's Beard contest , a cousin's wedding reception, and a friend from Dallas visiting being the major recent events. But I've got to wonder if anything else is coming...

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May 01, 2007

Mitt Romney and Battlefield Earth

So, Romney claims Battlefield Earth as his favorite novel? My, oh my.

Althouse has a brief post on it, and as usual quite a few people commenting about it.

I read quite a bit of SciFi. Battlefield Earth is one of the few books I simply could not finish, it was so bad. You want pulp action? This is not the book to read. Deep philosophical thought? Nope.

The only reason I suspect someone would like this book, is if they were already convinced of L Ron's brilliance/sainthood, and assumed every mistake/ braindead idiocy was merely irony or in some other way further evidence of his brilliance. Psychlos, of course, are a metaphor for psychiatrists- the rough equivalent of pure evil to a Scientologist.

While Mormons aren't as rabid about psychiatry as Scientologists are, I have to wonder if the picture of pschiatrists as evil, greedy, braindead ogres is what Matt Romney really likes in the book.

H/T: Instapundit.

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