May 01, 2007

Mitt Romney and Battlefield Earth

So, Romney claims Battlefield Earth as his favorite novel? My, oh my.

Althouse has a brief post on it, and as usual quite a few people commenting about it.

I read quite a bit of SciFi. Battlefield Earth is one of the few books I simply could not finish, it was so bad. You want pulp action? This is not the book to read. Deep philosophical thought? Nope.

The only reason I suspect someone would like this book, is if they were already convinced of L Ron's brilliance/sainthood, and assumed every mistake/ braindead idiocy was merely irony or in some other way further evidence of his brilliance. Psychlos, of course, are a metaphor for psychiatrists- the rough equivalent of pure evil to a Scientologist.

While Mormons aren't as rabid about psychiatry as Scientologists are, I have to wonder if the picture of pschiatrists as evil, greedy, braindead ogres is what Matt Romney really likes in the book.

H/T: Instapundit.

Posted by Owlish at May 1, 2007 02:19 PM | TrackBack

We had a mutual friend (Tim M.) who highly recommended B.E. to me. I recall enjoying it (age 16 or 17 at the time) up to the battle to liberate Earth (the Scottish fighter pilots in particular and smuggling the bombs on the teleporter rig). Never read it again, though, and no desire to do so now.

I think Glenn Reynolds (and Rand Simberg and John Miller) got it right.

BTW, thanks for the note last month. No one else broached the awkward silence.

Posted by: JohnL at May 1, 2007 03:48 PM

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