April 03, 2006


Huge protests in LA, student walkouts nationwide including in Houston, an apparent need to do something in Congress, what a mess.

I've got a friend who was completely convinced that Mexicans are assimilating just as quickly as any past immigrant group [although he hasn't discussed this for a while, so his views may have changed]. I've never been as convinced, and the news recently makes me less convinced. Which is where this article comes in- Herbert Meyer argues that a large portion of the hispanic population aren't looking for immigration, they're looking for jobs, as guest workers. [H/T: The Wood Shed.]

Some random thoughts:
1) Illegals are not only willing to work cheaper than Americans are willing to, they can work cheaper than possible for Americans. Minimum wage, social security taxes, etc. The Delphi autoworkers contracts average at about 25$ an hour; total compensation, after benefits, was 75$ an hour.

2) While the education might not have been the best, Mexican medical school grads tended to fit in pretty well in the residency program.

3) I'm getting tired of double standards: kids waving Mexican flags is fine, kids waving our flags need to be banned.

4) The This Is Stolen Land people need to get a grip.

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