November 04, 2005

St Arnold's Divine Reserve

St. Arnold's, the microbrewery in Houston, came out with their Divine Reserve, essentially a barley wine. Mentioned by Luxist here.

Only 327 cases made. Release November 1st. The big Specs Liquor store in downtown Houston got 30 cases. Apparently, all 30 cases were gone in 13 minutes.

I went to about 5 different places yesterday looking for it. [curiosity, could have made a good Christmas present] No dice. My friend ended up with a case, only because his father was willing to go to the local Specs several times on the 1st, waiting for the beer to be stocked.

The beer itself won't make the brewery much profit [way expensive ingredients], but I suspect it will drive sales of the rest of their beers. One place had completely sold out of their Christmas ale and IPA, which seemed unusual.

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