October 02, 2005

High School Reunion

Ok, now I understand why gay culture exists- because straight culture has absolutely nothing to do with my life. Friday and Saturday were my 20th high school reunion, with the main dinner on Saturday. In all, probably about 30 guys showed up out of a class of 68. Most of the people who came live in Dallas now, although several have moved back within the last few years. Nearly everyone was married or in a serious, heterosexual relationship; most had kids, the largest number:6; the oldest 14. The vast majority of people who came are lawyers or in banking/investments. One guy's a pilot for Southwest, one guy self identifies as in the Entertainment Industry [writing scripts, etc, apparently making something of a living], one guy's a high school teacher who has writen a book and is planning on pursuing that fulltime. And one guy I think is a chiropractor.

Most were what I would have considered jocks or "the cool kids" back in high school; now, I tend to think they were more socially connected. Perhaps predicably, the guys that weren't as connected probably don't have as fond memories, and stayed away. Just a guess, but a partially educated one.

In hindsight, the hurricane was kind of useful, as I had a topic of conversation that didn't involve how my kids are doing in baseball, or which SUV I prefer for long commutes.

I remained firmly closeted. One guy was making a joke about why I wasn't working, saying maybe I had gone out with a female student. I came back with something like "It would be a better rumor with a male student." Both guys listening did exaggerated doubletakes and looked at each other. We left it at that. And then there's the joke: "What do gays use for chap stick? Preperation H." I didn't say anything.

If I'm not in a steady relationship in 5 years, I have half a mind to hire an escort for the next reunion.

And the one guy that has come out to me, from that class, wasn't there. Neither was the guy honored as "Distinguished Alumnus of the Year."

One guy [married, 3 kids] asked me for my telephone number, saying his law practice takes him to the area sometimes. I gave it to him. No clue if he'll call me, or if I want him to.

By the way, I went to an Episcopal, all male, 1-12 grades [although only 5-12 for me] private school. I got a damn good education. We'll leave it at that.

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