March 30, 2005

Welcome back to Junior High

Hundred Percenter [who is this guy, anyway?], is delinking various blogs that in his view have " a naked disregard or milquetoast standing for Terri's life." In what may be the most overblown statement of all time, he "consider[s] Terri's fight for life a seminal moment in
American history."

Look. Terri isn't fighting for anything. Her family and her husband are legally fighting about what Terri's wishes would be in this situation, as far as I can tell, without any hard evidence. In general, it would not surprise me if more people are able to have a true conversation about this topic with their spouse, rather than their parents.

Reasonable people can disagree on whether or not they would want to be kept alive in her state. I certainly would not want to be. My parents may have a problem with that. [or maybe not, this isn't a topic that comes up often].

Hundred Percenter has a perfect right to delink anyone he wants. And I have a perfect right to laugh at him. So, ha.

H/T: Protein Wisdom. Who is clearly quivering in fear. Or amusment. Or delerium tremens.

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