June 08, 2005


From the Carnival of the Vanities we have Part 1 and Part 2 of a post from Notes and Meditations about his thoughts on how to improve the whole movie experience.

In general, he asks for a quieter audience, better films, more locally produced with local talent. He also has an interesting idea:

7. Get involved in film education

Offer some classes. Teach people how to watch and give them guidance about what's worth watching. Any local multiplex could convert one of its theaters into a classroom one night a week for a lecture in film appreciation. People would pay for this, especially if it involved getting to see great films for a single price with the added benefit of expert instruction

In general though, the most fun I've had going to movies was in college. The film society showed films Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, usually some sort of action or scifi Fri and Sat, Sunday got a chick flick. The audience wasn't silent, they interacted with the film as a group ["The Force is what binds us together" audience member shouts "Duct tape."]

Basically, while there may be a niche market for more classy entertainment [think going to a classical concert or opera], that's not really my preferred movie experience. Of course, anything's better than some crying kid or an idiot talking on his cell phone.

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