September 05, 2005


A new essay is up on Eject! Eject! Eject! [H/T: Instapundit] The best spray-of-coffee-on -your-monitor inducing line I've seen in a while:

It's always such a pleasure to have Germans enlighten us on the best way to move large groups of sick, downtrodden people by rail.

Bill Whittle divides the world into Pink and Grey Tribes. Read the whole thing, but the quick summary would be: Pink-"EVERYBODY IS SPECIAL." Grey- "THINGS BREAK SOMETIMES AND PLEASE DONíT LET IT BE MY BRIDGE."

I am a gay psychiatrist, a relatively pink category. I went to probably the greyist university in the world. I am grey but am not a builder - most of my closest friends are engineers of one stripe or another but I'm not - sometimes I maintain things, sometimes destroy things, to try to create space for something else.

Anyway, the other random thought I had was about slasher films. Sheep get mowed down, sheepdogs get killed fighting, and one anointed one might stop the wolf briefly, but the wolf always comes back. So one's main way of survival is not to be in the movie at all. But I'm grey, so I want to try to fix the scenario within the movie: "No, no, pick up the gun!" "Why are you trying to run from the zombie in high heels?" "Look, Painful Death Lake is not a romantic getaway!"

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ROFLMAO You've been reading my mind! In my upcoming movie review, check out my comments on "Camp Meathook".

Posted by: Ted at September 6, 2005 09:06 AM
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