January 25, 2005

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I'm still not sure what I think about this story. Quick summary: Writer is the adult child of an alcoholic, stops talking to father after he just doesn't show up one Christmas. Father later goes into AA, [for umpteen millionth time], works steps, videotapes apology to writer, dies unexpectedly soon after, writer hasn't watched the vid.

I'm reading his archives, and this is the second [at least] time he posted the story. The first time he got a couple of comments, the second time 26. I don't know if I believe what he's writing. If I believe him, I'm not sure what I would advise him, although if he doesn't feel he can handle watching the tape he might have a close friend watch it for him. Maybe. It would be rather personal and I'm not sure there's someone who could do it.

With regard to me, it emphasizes that my life ain't that bad.
I don't have dreams of being 10 years old and being chased by my father with a knife.

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