April 06, 2005

What I would do as Pope

Silent Running has a post on what he [she?] would do as Pope. Unlikely to happen for several reasons, such as being Jewish, but hey, got to have a dream, right?

So, God comes down to the cardinals as a talking burning bush, and recommends me. What to do?

1) Bring the church into the 20th century, if not the 21th. Masturbation isn't a sin. Women can be priests. Homosexual relationships, in the context of a committed, married relationship, aren't sinful. So they need to be able to marry within the church. Priests can marry. Priests can't be pedophiles, and will be thrown out of the church, and the church will cooperate fully with any law enforcement, rather than blocking law enforcement.

2) Work towards bringing Islam into the 16th century, if not later. If you say you want to destroy us, we will believe you and take necessary action.

3) Work towards the UN and various NGOs being forces for good, rather than complacent in genocide and active in raping children.

4) Improve my 7th and 8th grade Latin.

5) Science and Religion are not enemies. People trying to claim anti-science points of view as scientific [intelligent design] will be mocked.

6) As much fun as it would be to infallibly declare that I am fallible, I probably wouldn't.

7) We need to improve our ability to explore space, with the ultimate purpose of exploring other solar systems to proselytize aliens.

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