April 24, 2005

Life and Death

This meme and the previous meme come from Impenetrable Prose and Poesy:
Copy the list, bold the ones you've already done, italics the ones you want to do, and add some left-off items that should be on the list in a separate section.
Watch whales migrate Go white water rafting See wild game on an African safari Find a long-lost friend Learn to dance

Fly a plane
Drive a NASCAR race car
Appear on Broadway
Dive the Great Barrier Reef
Golf on a world famous course
Travel the Nile in Egypt
Be serenaded by a Venetian gondolier
Swim with the dolphins
Play with an orchestra
Paint the Big Apple red
Float in a hot air balloon
Sip a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby
Visit the Oval Office
Trace your roots
Helicopter over a Hawaiian volcano
Ride a mule down the Grand Canyon
Stroll along the Great Wall of China
Cruise in a Ferrari
See the Taj Mahal at sunrise
Walk the Inca trail at Macchu Picchu
Ride a Harley down an open road
Feed sharks
Scale a famous peak [depending on how famous you want]
Explore a Rain Forest
Learn to be a cowboy [partially done] [not a huge wish, though]
Play ball in a Major League park

Prepare the world's finest meal [or at least a meal that a really picky friend likes]
Be an extra in a movie
Gaze upon a magnificent waterfall
Horseback ride along a beach
Conquer a fear
Ride a steamboat down the Mississippi
Dive in a submarine
Taste the finest wine
Run a marathon
Write a song or poem for someone you love
Volunteer overseas
Visit a nudist colony
Explore the Alaskan wilderness
Hover in a blimp
Eat a cheeseburger in paradise
Run with the bulls in Pamplona
Say a special thank you
Experience weightlessness

Record and sell a CD of my own original music
Vanity-publish a book of my own poetry
Be the opening act for Tori Amos
Decipher the Voynich Manuscript once and for all
Finally take that darnded course on Principles Of Concrete - [I have a friend who took a course on Soil Mechanics in college, does that count?]

My additions:
Attend GenCon
Get a tattoo
Using all of my previously learned skills, get a job as a bartender
See a Space Shuttle launch

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