May 31, 2005

Babel Indeed

Meme from LlamaButchers:

1. Take the lyrics to a favorite song.
2. Go to Babelfish, translate the lyrics into German, then from German to French, and finally from French back into English.
3. Post the results verbatim.
4. Invite friends to guess the song based on the interesting new lyrics.

This is probably not the whole song, by the way.

_ it must fight not still, him time, something have make distort some this night the be drink which it sector alive become a ring of box, him time must be run, if it him see, its hand press it a woman be still right me hear its Scream, of hall which it can all same parlerelle me go, it go to the bottom surpamment with bed terrified me which it dead its hand roll up, be of return a woman have be again just ahead, however not thus which be however not considering so ahead him, not, I which indeed him this one Nurse, you slipped and drops some start to him in the passing, as it starts, to inflate it consider, it wish the truth, him in the sector of discussion with these hands Lookin are outside there precisely as gently right, as him still can considering him ahead, however not if which to have been, ahead never, but before I which is actually seen to him this bad, it a woman is not so still precisely to bring a name that you did not acquire, but you are not a child with one reheat have intended yourself "one injury to precisely only strike? Kickin ' your ass would not be a pleasure still, these are to him a time which even old Scheisse to precisely fight over another night which him those rifle seizes, it rather drinkable have, evening it still discovers this can considering it ahead, however not if which A is been, ahead, however not if, as fucking durable this one man of trains excursions thus quickly is, as it before I which is actually seen to him this bad which is yet just never it a woman

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