May 31, 2005

Babel Too

Hey LlamaButchers! This is Fun!

Or this:

Evening came yesterday to the bottom, 10 dead the word in Chinatown. Innocently, its only crime too was in the false place, with the forgery bad weather, statement of the people, which is false today with the kids, you declare itself that at the present time, they do not have anything to lose are to you buildings KINGDOM! Johnny used, after school in Kinoerscheinen to work. One received oneself to push, if it wishes a formation which it has a long manner. It is now outside on the road all the day to which the jump sells to the people who pay. A AK-47 for its business of the best friend the American manner received. Eastside meets of Westside downtown area. No don't times, the walls fall can to the bottom you believe him to come? RICHLY! Can't you intend it to name? The black man, included to again hold its chain in its hand. The brother of setting with died of brother for the profit of others, not of play, anybody gains. Acceptance, right in time. What did it arrive at the sublime dream? break it that all the niederwerfen, we place him high of still violently. Another KINGDOM? Eastside meets of Westside downtown area. Time, no line, the walls fall downwards. Can't you believe him to come? RICHLY! You cannot hear it next KINGDOM! Somebody cannot stop it here...??!!

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