November 06, 2006

Ted Haggard

In case you live in a cave, Ted Haggard is an anti-gay pastor who now admits that he hired a gay escort for a massage [the escort reports they had sex a few times]. Haggard also admits he had the escort obtain some meth for him, but reports he threw it away [not impossible, but impossible to know].

The Houston Chronicle headline is Pastor admits 'sexual immorality'.

Haggard said he will never return to leadership at the church and will be working with Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, a psychologist, as well as pastors Jack Hayford and Tommy Barnett on a healing and restoration plan for him, his marriage and family.

Translated: look, fully straight guys don't suddenly decide they need to get plowed by some muscle guy, any more than I'm going to decide that what's missing in my life is a little muff diving. So, he can try to suppress his gay or bi tendencies with 3-4 hours of daily therapy. Or, he could castrate himself, or if he was really lucky, he could find a doctor who was willing to do a reversible chemical castration.

Or, he could take a big step, and decide that yes he is gay, God made him that way, and ex-gay therapy isn't going to change that, any more than amputating his hands isn't going to keep him from wanting to masturbate.

Take a guess what I think would be a more positive step.

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