November 06, 2006

Tie Dye and Politics

Last weekend some friends had a tie dye party. It worked fairly well, from what I could tell- the little kids had fun, the adults drank beer and talked, and in between it all some really nice shirts got made. I did a few shirts and a small wall hanging. One shirt with a chevron came out really well, nothing was horrible.

I had 2 conversations that are worth noting. In one, I [probably for the first time] came out to a complete stranger. It went fine, and probably was a good thing, since she was thinking of introducing me to a female friend.

The second conversation was a political discussion with 2 other guys, [well, 3, but one mostly vegged during it]. One was a NW coast liberal who was bemoaning the lack of neighborhood grocery stores and shoddy construction on the nearby townhomes, and was insisting the best solution to these problems was government intervention. Another guy and I were taking the tack that more government regulation would lead to worse problems. Unfortunately, that guy's straight. :)

Anyway, I think the first guy was flabbergasted that anyone would take the stance that we were. And we didn't even get into the war.

In all, a fun day.

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