August 22, 2006

Spelling with Zombies

Zombie Letters from

Via The Fire Ant Gazette.

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Man, I'm Doomed

What Veggie Tales character are you?

Take this quiz!

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Quiz stolen from BatesLine, who had the same result.

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Have You Found The Yellow Sign?

There are some fun spraypainted sayings in Urban Dead. Today, saw the title as well as:

I like teabagging zombies after killing them with a headshot.

I also found out that a guy I knew in college has a blog, BatesLine. I suspect teabagging doesn't come up on his blog very often.

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August 18, 2006

Furinkan High School Kendo Club

Pretty cool blog, although it's only been going for a short while.

Top 10 Best and Worst opening sequences for a sci-fi TV show. And yes, the Firefly opening sequence kicked some ass.

And a link to Sauron's blog!

So Eru shuts everyone up, and then summons Melkor to come forward. I would have gone up there too, but Aulė was giving me this murderous look. I am so tired of that stupid lunkhead. I have ten times his talent. You know Quantum Chromodynamics? That was ALL ME.

thanks, JP

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The Month of Birthdays

Celebrated a friend's birthday last night. We're celebrating my cousin's [2nd degree, once removed] 1st birthday tomorrow. And my godson's 5th birthday party is next Sunday.

Sounds like that could be something of a nightmare: 40 kids, 20 adults. Theme? Star Wars, god knows why. Sounds like I'll go there the day before, help with food, some last minute setup stuff. Which is enough.

My brother may be staying over on Saturday night. So, I'm cleaning a little [should do much more, but I can't get into it] and putting away the Chippendale's calendar.

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August 10, 2006

British Muslim Plot Stopped

Ok, let's see. They wanted to blow up 10 planes going from Britian to the US. Iran may or may not be close to going nuclear, but claims it has an announcement for August 22, and it's head of state apparently believes he is the annointed one who will destroy Isreal, humiliate the US, and establish the Caliphate. Oh, and there's this little fight going on between Isreal and Hezbollah, in which stupidly photoshoped pics against Isreal are blithly accepted by a huge news agency.

Plus, a powerful incumbant Democrat just lost his party's primary, apparently because he believes there's a war going on. How delusional are you people, anyway?

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Somehow, We Never Get Ads Like This In Texas

Hardware store ads? Sure.

Hardware store ads with crossdressers, not so much.

H/T: Joe.My.God

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August 06, 2006

Conspiracy Theories Gone Amuck

Did you know JFK was a vampire? Elvis was reincarnated in a frog?

I have to love anything with the quote:

Investigators have also show other items in an attempt to gather leads. These include an umbrella with a meticulously-carved handle, a placard bearing the words "pfenal pwd unstable", an aborted bovine foetus in a glass jar, and an antique smoking pipe.

Via The UnaBrewer.

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WoW Videos

The Collective has a couple of cool videos, including "Big Blue Dress."

Then we have elves dancing to Billy Idol.

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August 04, 2006

A Fairly Random Thought

I wonder if one or more of the social members of my college fraternity had come to the knowledge that they were gay.

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August 03, 2006

The Japanese are Crazy

I can't help but think this would lead to several lawsuits in the US.

H/T: Rocket Jones

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August 02, 2006

This World

I case anyone wonders where I've been, I'm alive.

I'm getting moderately pissed at my apartment, and probably will convince myself to move in the next 2 months. Bleh.

I can't help but think that our response to the various happenings in the Middle East, and our incredibly risk adverse reaction to our children, is at it's core the same thing: a belief that every human life is infinitely precious. There's a tiny risk that someone might hurt themselves diving off a diving board? Unacceptable. People got into accidents when their blood alcohol level was insanely high? One drink might be too much, lock them away and throw away the key. We've saved untold thousands from excruciating death in Saddam's prisons, but some of our soldiers have died? Bring them back home, immediately. Isreal's trying to defend itself, and some civilians [in other words, human shields] have died? Cease fire.

A risk adverse investment strategy, long term, is likely to cost you more than it saves. I am sure that's happening in all these areas.

Yet, there's the other side. I know of a guy whose 6 year old son died when the ATV he was driving flipped. A hundred years ago, when you had at least 4-5 kids so that you knew 1-2 would survive and not be crippled by polio, smallpox, etc, you knew it would happen, so you had at least a chance of dealing. Now, the mere threat of your son not getting into graduate school is life altering.

Given that, how much worse is it in China, with both 3rd world health concerns and the 1 child per family rules?

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St Arnold's Divine Reserve #2

Just in case anyone's looking, the Galveston Kroger had 5 cases of the Divine Reserve at 7 PM last night.

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