May 17, 2006

Tom Cruise Bitchfest

I was wandering around [link WILDLY NOT WORK SAFE]QueerClick, purely for the articles you understand, and came upon their "bitchfest" [also NSFW] on Tom Cruise. Made me smile.

So that you don't have to clickthrough, the starting point is:

Here is this weeks topic: Tom Cruise

Iíll be happy to start this QC BitchFest.

I think you are the biggest fake to hit the big screen since Rosie O once said she was straight and Star Jones claimed she lost weight by dieting. Get your lunacy under control or seek help you fackin moron. Your latest movie should be called MI:III Tom Cruise Gets A Clue.

Scientology: Our Spokesmen are Completely Insane! Or at least that seems to be the image they're portraying.

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