January 14, 2006

Rudyard's After Action Report

The bands, not that hot, at best. Project Walkabout was out of tune, Mr Plow was better technically but too slow for good metal. And they had the fog machine going full strength, to the point it got cold and damp.

The bar itself is pretty cool, I'd go back. Decent beer, decent burgers. The crowd could be described as artsy or eclectic; a few guys that set off my gaydar, in couples; more lesbian couples. More gothic crowd by the time Mr Plow came on stage.

The somewhat bizarre thing was, my friend sent out an email to 5-6 guys, including me. No one else came [just me and him] [he's straight, by the way]. Makes me wonder, if I leave the Houston area, who would he hang out with, when he wants to get away from the house? Not an original thought, but he described me as a very low maintenance friend, and I thought about saying something along the lines of that's because I've been letting myself be taken advantage of.

Don't get me wrong, I do get something out of my friendship with him and his family. His kid calls me "Uncle." and that's probably the closest I'll ever get to having a kid of my own. [And, yeah, this is a recurring theme. But I think I'm getting closer to channging the tune.]

Anyway, played some pool. We both sucked. Had a few beers, left around 12:30. The band was still playing, but he was done and I was tired and my lower back was sore [not the most comfortable chairs in the world.]

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