December 30, 2005

50 Things I learned over the past month

1) My friends' lives are significantly more fucked up than I ever knew.
2) When starting a 2 week long or more trip, try to take it slow the day before.
3) Running one's wallet through the washing machine appears to do nothing to a credit card's magnetic strip.
4) Dollar bills dry quickly.
5) Mapquest can give some strange directions, but it will eventually get you there.
6) When bumming around with little to do, people tend to take me to shopping areas/malls. I'm not sure why, the only thing I bought was a new wallet.
7) I'm not sure who exactly Abercrombie & Fitch is aiming their marketing at. I may like gazing at the cute guys, but I'm not going to buy anything there.
8) San Antonio Guy #1 (SAG1) has a small amount of trouble with his parents around his being gay.
9) SAG2 was honorably discharged from the military. I think his highest education was an associate's degree.
10) I can't really summarize their interior decorating, besides it involved a few dark blue glass bottles (for SAG2) and old Coke bottles, mostly in different languages (SAG1?)
11) A yeast cake will not rise when made with Splenda.
12) Given a choice between a chick flick (preferred by SAG1) (A Lot Like Love) and a horror flick (The Ring 2) (preferred by SAG2), I went with the chick flick. Neither would have been my first choice, but hey, it worked. Ashton Kutcher isn't always as annoying as he is in That 70's Show.
13) 2 guys cuddling on the sofa, watching a chick flick can be pretty cute.
14) As far as I can tell, El Paso has no reason to exist, other than as a border town.
15) Apparently, if you take a gun into Mexico, it will be confiscated. There are several signs telling you this along the highway.
16) The drive to El Paso wasn't that bad, but remember to fill up before starting out- there are gas stations in the middle of nowhere, but the prices were at least 30 cents more/gallon.

Enough for now.

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