December 05, 2005

Life Goes On

Hanging out in sunny California [sunny today, anyway], doing some laundry.

Random thoughts:
1) It's really nice to hang out and bullshit with someone with whom I agree on some different things.
2) The more I hear about people's families, the happier I am with mine. My friend has the most passive agressive parents I've ever seen.
3) Had a damn nice birthday. Didn't tell anyone it was my birthday.
4) Diet? What diet? I need to get serious in several different areas, but it will wait until I'm back home.
5) Speaking of passive agressive, my sister didn't come to Thanksgiving at my parents' place, and isn't coming to Christmas or my grandfather's 90th birthday party [on Christmas Eve], but is coming down to Houston on New Year's. I am unimpressed.

The friend's parents just walked in. I'm out of here.

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