September 17, 2005

I'm back

And rar'in for action. And I've got 110 emails in my box. Eek.

Not too bad of a trip, not too great. I went up to the Tiny Texas Town with my parents, and stayed a couple of days. Hung out with my grandfather most of one day, saw my brother for a couple of hours one evening [he wasn't feeling too hot].

NE Texas really needs some rain. We were hoping for some on Thursday and Friday, ended up with 0.04 inches [officially, maybe a little more around my parents' house, but not enough]. The grass is brown, we're starting to feed hay to the cattle [a bad sign]. The people old enough are comparing it to a drought in '54 and '55, which was bad enough my dad's family had to sell all their cattle and rent out the land for other uses.

The next time some tree-hugging vegetarian tells you we should stop raising cattle and just eat soybeans, think of now. No food crops could possibly survive without huge amounts of irrigation up there. The cows ain't too happy, but they're alive.

Oh yeah, and driving back it looks like there's a forest fire or something around Texas City. If I were a true CITIZEN JOURNALIST, or if I had a passenger, I would have taken a picture [lots o flames], but I didn't.

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