September 01, 2005


I've been watching the Firefly DVD, finished them tonight. Oh wow, this is good stuff. The movie site is here, some info and flash games.

I watched the series out of order, in the disk order 1,3,2,4. This changed some things.

Spoilers below.

Specifically, it changes Jayne. His selling them out occurs earlier, closer to the premier with its offer for him, and before seeing himself as a hero. I think all of that makes him into a more sympathetic person.

It screwed up Saffron somewhat [coming in the order 2, 1, it didn't have any major problems for 2, but watching 1 I thought the two women looked similar [stupid me, they arn't similar, they're the same person]].

Compared to the drek that was the most recent Star Wars, I have great hopes for the movie.

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