August 21, 2005

Birthdays Wrapup

Let's see. Spent about half a day making a chocolate cheesecake [needed a little longer than the 70 minutes noted in the recipe, and it dripped a yellowish fluid that smelled of vanilla while cooling; found a package of oreo cookie crumbs which worked well, used about 2 cups, 3 probably would have been better]. Found a birthday present after going to 3 different shops. Was going to pick up dinner, but ended up someone else did. Made about half the gift bags. Blew up around 25 beach balls of different sizes and one wading pool, with a reversed vacuum cleaner. Baked 3 box cakes one at a time, iced, decorated into a sand castle. [that took most of Friday]. Picked up landfill liner [didn't take long, but my help was vital]. Set up decorations.

The birthday party itself went well - the kids had a good time, the parents had a good time. I still have nothing in common with these people. The official endtime was 5:30, the final guests left around 6:45 or so. Then I distracted the kid and assembled a hot wheels set while the parents cleaned. Then drove back home.

At one point I was ready to throw in the towel and leave. Didn't because it would have been childish and the kid would never have understood. Now, I'm glad I didn't.

Never did see the newborn niece. Left a message with 2 cousins, never heard from them. Oh well, maybe next week, maybe not.

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