August 11, 2005

Three Rules

A few days ago, JohnL, inspired by VodkaPundit, wrote about three subjects to avoid at all costs: evolution, abortion, gun control.

I wrote briefly on Ambient Irony's post on evolution, science, and ID, and it spawned another post and more comments. See also Slate's article. [H/T: Catallarchy]

There's another hot button issue: homosexuality. And Dan Savage did a great post on the kinds of things I've been thinking:

Look, Iím all for free speech, Iím all for persuasion. If Pat Robertson can talk me out of being gay then, by God, Iíll give it up tomorrow. If a ďChoose LifeĒ billboard convinces a woman not to have an abortion, thatís great. The problem with Pat is that he wants to compel me to give up being gay, or, failing that, he seeks to deprive me of my civil rights because Iím gay. The problem with the anti-choice movement is that they want the law to impose their beliefs about abortion.

Why, I often wonder, canít the religious right extend gay and lesbian Americans the same courtesy they extend to, say, adulterers? Or shrimp lovers? Yes, the gays are going to hellóit says so right there in the bible somewhere. It says we should be put to death along with the adulterers and shrimp eaters. But the adulterers and shrimp eaters donít come in for the same degree of persecution.

Go read the rest.

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