July 15, 2005


The Life, Liberty, Property group (of which I am a member) is interesting. Some of its members [most? dunno] have made lifestyle choices specifically to reduce the amount of taxes going to the state. Eric has made some choices that involve him interacting more with the state than he would prefer, in the interests of getting his children health care, for instance. On the other hand, Eric specifically notes he doesn't like Gullyborg's ideas about immigration.

My thought is this: quite a few years ago it was possible to claim some land, grow some crops, and raise a family with little or no interaction with Federal or State governments. Now, I think it's completely impossible, for economic reasons as well as political ones. I may be wrong, this certainly isn't an area where I'm an expert. At some point in the future it may be possible again, given certain trends.

I don't think the complete removal of the state is possible in the near future, so I tend to think smaller. For example, I would prefer, along with the Heartless Libertarian, to have a national sales tax instead of our current income tax. I think that would be several steps in the right direction for liberty, and is at least something that could be discussed nationally. Unlike, say, privatizing all roads.

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