September 10, 2004


This version of hurricane coverage is so true. The last tropical storm we had, the local news channels were sending their reporters out, specifically where they were telling the public not to go. One had the reporter standing in waist high swift flowing water, which is a good way to die stupidly.

Galveston is overdue for a hurricane [on average, once every 8-10 years]. If you don't know about the 1900 storm, this is a pretty good description of events leading to the natural disaster with the largest loss of life in the history of the US.

My question is, in the World of Darkness such an event would have to have been due to the intervention of various beings, so who caused it? The TechCentralStation article makes it sound like some technomage was working on weather prediction and probably control, and either paradox caused the storm, or a nature loving tree hugger type caused it, like Werewolves or Verbeena mages.

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