December 17, 2004


Doing some Christmas shopping, most of it is done partially because I've decided not to get get gifts for a couple of people this year. I'm going to get my mother a red hat since she's a member of her local red hat society [good god, they've got trading cards!]. Anyway.

On the back of the map and schedule for Dickens on the Strand was an ad for a local shop, with a picture of some of their merchandise [including a couple of red hats] and a coupon for 10$ off a 25$ or more purchase. No expiration date. I didn't go there during Dickens, I had better things to do and thought it would be too crowded anyway. I went Wednesday. The salesperson said she would have to ask her manager about the coupon, and since the manager was at a funeral I said I would come back a couple of hours later. When I did the salesperson said she could not honor the coupon, that it was only for during Dickens. She said the store had run a coupon for 20% off any purchase in the local paper a few weeks back, and if I could get one they would honor that. So I left angry.

I went to Palais Royal yesterday. They had the same kinds of hats, at 50% off [the original prices seemed about the same]. Score!

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