December 29, 2004


I haven't posted on the earthquake/tsunami partially because I didn't have internet access when it happened, partially because I have little to add. A Small Victory has a roundup of people accepting donations here, gets pissed at idiots here, and tries to comprehend the numbers here. Here we have the report on the UN Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs saying the US should raise taxes so it can give more aid. Here we have Tim Blair noting the unbelievable generosity of the French. Hat tips to Instapundit and Protein Wisdom.

TexasBestGrok may be having the blogospheric [is that a word? it should be] version of survivor guilt, the feeling that bad things are happening in the world so I should do something. Or he may be getting hate mail, who knows.

Once he gets to superstar fame, he might have a point. [And I'm anxiously awaiting that day too. When "Yeah, I was reading TexasBestGrok before he was a Munuvian" becomes a useful pickup line, I am so in.] But for now, hey, you've got to take care of the personal before you let the rest of the world overwhelm you.

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