February 07, 2005

Truth or Dare!

Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy asked questions in response to Meme Games, so here they are:

1) Who do you think would be the ideal President (no saying yourself!)

It would take someone smart, broadly read, able to work politically and compromise, yet hold firm various principles congruent with mine. It would also take someone who really didn't want the job - a political outsider who could shake up everyone inside the loop.

Arnold for prez.

2) What's your pet peeve that is an instant friendship or relationship killer? In other words, name something a person can do/does that guarantees you will not like them.

Someone who laughs at me or my hobbies is going to piss me off. Someone who tore up and threw away my books would really piss me off.

3) If you had to give up one of your five senses, which would you choose and why?

A bit of a no brainer, I'd give up taste. It would decrease my enjoyment of life only somewhat, might help decrease my appetite which would be a good thing, and only in extremely rare cases could it endanger my life.

A much tougher question would be if I had to choose between losing my sight and losing my hearing. Go blind, and suddenly day to day activities become much more difficult. Go deaf, and difficulties communicating with ordinary people skyrocket. Right now I'd prefer to go deaf, but I'm not sure I'd always choose that.

Update: For #2, another relationship killer is a hardcore vegan or animal rights activist. My dad raises cattle and chickens for food, I think protests against animal experimentation have made medicines more expensive and less likely to appear on the market, I like leather...

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