February 15, 2005

Eason Jordan

I havn't commented on this story, partially because I was surprised to find out that apparently the grunts on the ground weren't killing MSM reporters every chance they got. Frank J's top 10 list bears this out.

Vodkapundit, however, has a nice post that brings it all together, [person from Columbia Journalism Review makes some relevant points in comments, another commenter makes some points, person from CJR goes off the deep end]. Also, Ace of Spades makes a good point:

Finally, I think Eason Jordan's career died for the mainstream media's
sins. The mainstream media is 1) liberal and 2) unwilling to admit this, so when
someone like Eason Jordan puts lie to their claims of objectivity, that man is
forced to resign in order to continue the charade of media objectivity.

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