February 25, 2005

Food Questions

Following a link from the Carnival of Recipes, Blog o'Rama has 4 questions. Questions first, my answers after.

1. Name one thing that is always in your pantry and tell why. 2. What one gadget would you most like to throw out the window? On whom would you like it to land? 3. What is the last thing you cooked in your microwave? 4. If you could go to a grocery store right now what would you buy?

1) Either canned tuna or chicken, so I can make a dinner salad or rice dish easily.

2) The bread machine. No other device promises so much and is used so little.

3) Warmed up a bar-b-q pork sandwich. Yum.

4) It's been a while, so I need some staples - eggs, more Diet Mountain Dew, veggies.

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