February 28, 2005


Been doing a couple of useful things. However, I've also been playing Morrowind, which has got to be the largest time sink I've ever seen in a role-playing computer game. You're always trying to complete quests, and trying to figure out which ones will be the most useful for you to do. It has a tendency to crash on my laptop, but a few changes has helped a lot. So, I'm maybe 1/3 to 1/2 way through the main quest, I've done essentially nothing with the expansion packs, and I can imagine at least 2 other character types that would significantly change the story.

And Oblivion, the sequel, is scheduled to appear this year.

So, I've been a little lax in noting the small, teensy changes going on in the world that have nothing to do with our excursion into Iraq. Vodkapundit hasn't been, though.

Ok. Why is my neighbor watching the tv at 1245 in the morning? And why am I up, anyway?

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