July 13, 2005


North Dallas Thirty has been told why he can't be a conservative:

You are a pro-sodomy, gay-marriage-supporting, let-gays-in-the-military homosexual rights activist. You think gays should be teaching in the public schools. You think men having sex with other men should be legal. You approve of gay ambassadors, gay cabinet members, gay soldiers, and gay preachers. You don't think homosexuality is a choice, and you don't think it can be changed by prayer and/or therapy. Your flaunt your homosexuality.

Go to the post for his response, I particularly like his claiming the name of "faggot freedom facilitator." I may need to make a T-shirt with that on it.

Basically, I think the left vs right axis is pretty much useless at this point. I am a pro-sodomy, let-gays-in-the-military believer. I don't think homosexuality is a choice, based both on scientific studies and my own personal experience. It could be changed by a direct miracle from God, but the so-called ex-gay ministry has only taken some bisexuals and gotten them to refuse to act on half of their feelings. I don't know if I flaunt my homosexuality or not, by the commenter's definition.

For my further non-conservative street cred, I'm pro-choice because I think of abortion as a medical procedure, not a murder. One acquaintance's wife died during childbirth, in what should have been a routine pregnancy. On the other hand, I don't want abortion to take the place of contraception [and it usually doesn't]. I don't agree with parental notification laws because there are some really screwed up families.

On the other hand, I think war has been declared on Western Civilization, and that we need to respond with military action, not police action. I think we need to listen to what is being said in mosques around the world, and not just what the MSM wants us to hear.

I think some of the stuff that is being done in the name of the War on Terror, like banning fingernail clippers on flights, is just silly, and risks losing focus on the real problems. I think police officers setting up speed traps as a local revenue stream are downright evil.

I think marijuana needs to be legalized, and regulated and taxed like tobacco. I would consider doing the same for other street drugs, although I am not sure. I think the War on Drugs has led to significant restrictions on personal liberty, for little or no benefit, and needs to be stopped.

I think guns are very useful tools.

So. I describe myself as a small L libertarian, when I bother with labels at all. Most of these stances could be described as pro-personal freedom, except possibly the War on terror. Right? Left? Conservative? Liberal? Useless.

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Thanks Owlish....mind if I add you to my blogroll?

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I'd appreciate it.

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