July 03, 2005

You're How Old?

At times I really would like to get back into pen and paper roleplaying. Used to do it a fair amount, but not for more than 10 years, with a little blip here or there.

I've gone to the games shop in Galveston a couple of times, but the crowd has been largely pre-teens playing the Pokemon CCG. No thanks. So I went up to Horizon Games last Thursday afternoon, put up a card on their bulletin board, looked around [several people around, none younger than college age, this could work], and talked to the employee. He recommended that I write a note for the bulletin board [easy enough], and said there was going to be a large amount of open gaming this Sunday [ie, today]. So, went up there today.

No one doing any RPGs at all. When I got there there were some guys getting ready for a Lo5R CCG mini-tournament, and 3 kids playing Betryal at House on the Hill. I've played some CCGs, but never Lo5R, so I watched the kids finish the game they were on and then joined them for a couple more games.

The game itself is pretty easy to pick up, and changes significantly game to game, enhancing replayability. Basically, each character wanders through the house, which gets built as you go. Eventually something happens and one of the players becomes the Traitor, and tries to kill the rest of the players, with the help of various monsters. In different games we had a huge tentacled beast, a plant with spores, and a madman and spectres.

It was fairly enjoyable even though a couple of the kids got punchy at the end. On the other hand, I figured out their combined ages were less than my age. Ouch. I didn't tell them.

Some significant errata here, that would have changed some of our games.

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