July 02, 2005


De Doc's got a post talking about groups, more or less aimed at "Is it time for a new political party?" He says not, and supports grassroots establishment instead.

I probably agree. The Democratic party needs to selfdestruct some more, leading to the Republican party getting cocky and passing ever more absurd legislation, for another party to gain significant support.

To me, the interesting point is I think his analysis of Eternity Road's reaction is correct, as part of a general problem. A quick summary of what happened [as far as I know]: the author of Eternity Road asked to be part of the Life Liberty Property group, Eric said "great, let me ask the group," and the author withdrew [see this post ].

My immediate reaction was to get caught up in Eternity Road's post, thinking about indiviual problems. De Doc got to the general problem: providing any sort of organization for strong individualists is like herding cats.

So, I think there's utility in lots of different viewpoints. And regardless of what he thinks, I bet the author of Eternity Road is a member of lots of different groups [at least from my point of view].

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