January 31, 2008

Position Statement

Every now and then, you run into a post you strongly agree with, like this one. [via Vodkapundit]

With a few additions:
1) I have a little trouble with assisted suicide, since most if not all people who would want this meet criteria for major depression, or have poor pain control due to problems with underutilization of opiates due to the War on Drugs, or both.
2) I'm more concerned with abortion as a medical procedure than the absurd proposition that an organism with 100 cells or so is a human being. The only reason partial birth abortion is outlawed is for political reasons.
3) I'm not sure what to do about illegal immigration. At the bare minimum, some sort of wall needs to be built.
4) With regard to the war on fundamentalist islam:
a) I'm concerned that there are people who get described in the press as "moderate" Muslims, but no "liberal" Muslims. I'm especially concerned when being a "moderate" Muslim seems to mean you won't actively kill gays, but won't speak out against other Muslims from doing so.
b) There are reasons for the rules of war. The people fighting against us wear no uniform, and tend to hide behind civilians, including in hospitals and mosques. In the recent past, that would mean massive destruction everywhere. So far, we have fought specifically to minimize deaths, ours, our enemy's, and civilians.That may or may not be wise.

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