October 17, 2007

PC Magazine's Top 100 Blogs

Via Instapundit.

I agree, their selection of political blogs is entirely nutroots based, and not interesting. You would get the same results if you asked for the 5 liberal blogs with the most traffic.

The rest of the picks though weren't very interesting either. Way too many specific to New York. And most of them looked like the sort of blogs editors of a tech magazine would want to stay in touch with, just to make sure they weren't missing something.

But there were a couple I want to keep looking at:

Secrets [Which I've seen before and is either interesting or creepy]

Neatorama [Which I'll check for interesting stuff to point out to a mailing list I'm on, if nothing else]

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories [Which is cool beyond fucking belief. How to make a Flying Spaghetti Monster hat and a Dalek Pumpkin]

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