January 26, 2007

Galveston Mardi Gras Band Lineup

Mardi Gras this year is on the weekends of February 9 and February 16. The first weekend is free, has only local bands playing, the parades are smaller, and so are the crowds.

The bands playing still aren't up on the website, [launches a video] but I've got the current list. This seems later than usual, so I was a little concerned there weren't going to be any bands. Everyone here is supposedly confirmed; there are more coming- the announcement is supposed to be this weekend. I got the info by stopping by the Galveston Visitor's Center.

First weekend:
Million Year Dance
Snits Dog and Pony Show
Fondue Monks
Chango Jackson
Umbrella Man

Second weekend:
Better Than Ezra
Cowboy Mouth
Blue Oyster Cult
Mango Punch

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