January 04, 2007

The Holidays

I've been semi-offline for a while, using other peoples computers to connect to the web. With my family for 10 days, stayed with friends in Dallas for New Years.

So, lots of random stuff:

The biscotti recipe worked pretty well. I gave my parents and some friends gift bags with biscotti, coffee, and other coffee related items. Maybe not the greatest present in the world, but not bad, and not something sitting on the shelf taking up space.

I really, really hate going to the dentist.

My parents and I went to Shreveport one night, after the rest of the family had left. They had a gift certificate they had bought in a silent charity auction to one of the casinos, and we ate dinner at the buffet and played some nickel slots. My mom finally got the idea- this may have been the first time she enjoyed gambling. They lost a couple of bucks, I won 45. Completely random, but I'm not complaining.

My brother's lost almost 170 pounds since getting lap band surgery. That's good. He's vomiting fairly often every time the doc tightens the band. That's bad. He isn't doing small, frequent meals, as far as I can see.

He vomited on me Christmas Eve, during lunch. Much worse on himself. Not a fun meal.

My grandfather got his car stuck Christmas Eve evening, during the rain. Slightly annoying, since he insisted on driving himself, even though we know his night vision sucks. He wanted me to push him out of the mud, which wasn't going to be physically possible, and wouldn't accept my word saying so. That pissed me off, and probably was the reason I spent less time later with him than I could have.

Kingdom of Loathing has been quite fun. 2 different characters, 2 different clans, 2 relatively different experiences. One character is head of a large gay clan. One of the players just kmailed me, telling me his boyfriend broke up with him over the holidays by a text message. The guy's renting a "bedsit," what on this side of the ocean would be smaller than an efficiency apartment. Not much I can do.

I asked a gay guy I know over New Years if he knew anyone he could set me up with on a blind date. He ranks somewhere between "eccentric" and "batshit crazy." There's at least a chance that was a really bad idea.

"Ding, Dong, the evil dictator is dead." And not a peep from the Arab "street." Saadam would be perceived as a coward because he let himself be captured. Basically, he lost the mandate of heaven.

Now, can we please do the same thing in Iran? Before they destroy Israel?

A guy gave me "Macbeth," saying [approximately] that I was a Republican, and had blood on my hands. We all sort of laughed. But what if it was I was a Jew and had blood on my hands, or was a Spaniard, or ... So, just as elsewhere, if you aren't in lockstep with the anti-war crowd, you're a Republican, and a murderer. Even though I don't consider myself a Republican, have never given money to the Republican party, clearly disagree with them on several issues...

Posted by Owlish at January 4, 2007 12:18 AM | TrackBack

The biscotti are excellent, just had some actually.

On two other points - yes, the blind date request may or may not pan out, but by the gods, it may be at least be interesting!

Second, just a word of caution on generalizations, it could be seen that you were using one to decry another ("if you aren't in lockstep with the anti-war crowd, you're a Republican, and a murderer..")

If nothing else in the world though, there shall always be KoL!

Posted by: Suzi at January 4, 2007 01:05 PM

I didn't just give you, Macbeth. I gave you a huge freakin' picture of Macbeth with the entire text of the play printed on it. It cost me more money than I care to tell you about (and you didn't give me anything in return, BTW), and all you can do is complain about a meaningless quip I made up on the spot while presenting it to you --and only because I thought (a) we were friends and (b) you had a sense of humor. Wrong on both counts. I'm sorry you got so easily offended, but perhaps you should cease saying truly offensive things about others (in a public forum, no less) before you start using politics (as you have in various of your entries) as an excuse to act like a victim/martyr. For instance: I imagine the eccentric, batshit person you speak of is actually a certain bald headed wearer of kilts we both know. Well .. that's not a very nice thing about your friend when you think he's not looking - wouldn't you agree?. And lest you forget, I've been close pals with said eccentric (if, indeed, it is our large, kilt clad friend) since I was three years old and he was five. And though he is gloriously eccentric I wouldn't go so far as to call him batshit (especially if I had a psychology degree). So anyway, I hope you enjoy your present even though it was presented to you in such a thoughtless, generalizing manner. And also -- I happen to support the troops and I consider many people who support the war, in general, to be my friends (even though I don't agree with them). And I don't run to my public muse with tales of woe every time they have a liitle fun with me for being what they consider to be such a bleeding heart. In fact, seeing as how I live in Texas I usually have to be extra careful about what I say, since the pendulum tends to swing so violently the other way around here. And yet, I don't claim to be downtrodden and oppressed by the evils of generalizing conservatives. It's amazing, dear John, the opportunities you find to feel sorry for yourself. I am serious about this. It really gets on my tit. And I ain't backing down.
P.S. Next year, you'll be getting a lump of coal.

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