December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Haven't updated this for a while. Been rather angry over the last few weeks, I think I need more friends who aren't married, with children.

Anyway. Went on the St Arnold's pub crawl, went to my parents' for Thanksgiving [and my mom made a special recipe of stuffing, so there was almost no cooking for me to do]. My parents and brother are coming down tomorrow and staying a couple of days in town. This could be a moderately large mess, but we'll see. I've been trying to clean the apartment and decorate over the last few days, only mildly successful.

Kingdom of Loathing has been really fun recently. Online flirting with guys I know I'll never see in real life may be silly, but it can't hurt.

Posted by Owlish at December 1, 2006 06:43 PM | TrackBack

Nothing wrong with the flirting, my friend!

Happy belated B-Day (which was precisely...?) and sorry to hear that it didn't go so well otherwise. You should just hang with us more ;)

Posted by: Suzi at December 3, 2006 01:54 PM
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