October 11, 2006

Cursive Writing and Me

Instapundit has a link to a Washinton Post article, which started the discussion. Briefly, fewer and fewer kids are being taught cursive. The Anchoress bemoans this trend, saying " the de-emphasis of penmanship is simply another manifestation of the devaluing of the individual over the collective."

Maybe. But for this individual, cursive writing was a freakin nightmare and a horrible mistake. I had an extremely solid private education, grades 1-12, so the quality of teaching wasn't the problem. However, I apparently had a decent block writing style in elementary school, but when we switched to cursive, my handwriting crashed. I had really bad, nearly incomprehensible handwriting through most of school, in spite of several attempts to correct it. Finally, a 10th grade biology course required fast enough notetaking that I had problems deciphering my own notes, and I switched back to print, more or less. It looks kind of weird, and I can pick out my handwriting almost immediately [it would be quite difficult to forge, the style of letters change depending on position], but it is quite legible.

And a subnote: one of the least comprehensible scripts I've seen was from a nurse who wrote beautifully, but incomprehesibly, in cursive.

So, keep cursive, egyptian heiroglyphics, and Norse Runes for art. For trying to communicate information, printing.

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