September 24, 2006

The Party

Last night my next door neighbor had an open party for the apartment. I went, he was there, and 5 women of various ages, including 3 medical students. Moderately fun. We talked, ate some "chicken fajitas," and played Pictionary. My team was stomped. Their team had two friends who were obviously on the same mental wavelength- if one was drawing the other could nearly always guess what the answer was. I drew 2 things that my team couldn't figure out but the other team could, which seems like a bad sign.

And how the heck do you draw something that will identify as "airhead," anyway?

Some of them went to a medical student bonfire afterwards; wild horses weren't going to drag me there.

And I brought some cheese dip [which didn't turn out particularly well; Kroger brand cheese-like substance might be to blame].

Went to the St Arnold's Octoberfest pubcrawl the night before. We called it an extremely early night [got back around 9:45]

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