September 21, 2006

Chris and Eric's Dallas Gig

Went up to Dallas last weekend, primarily to see a friend [or acquaintance, or friend of a friend, or whatever] play the guitar [with another guy] in a cafe. The cafe turned out to be about 4 blocks from where I used to live, which was kind of weird. Tasty food, poor service [although we may have overwhelmed the seemingly high school age waitstaff {or maybe college aged; I'm getting old}]. Met the liberal guy on an email list I get into polite disagreements with sometimes; he looks like an old hippie. The guitar player very thin, possibly formally anorexic, which is extraordinarily unusual given his age and that he's not gay. Makes me worried; I think he smokes. My friends say he's been fasting some for religious reasons, I hope that's the only reason.

Hung out on Sunday, played Kingdom of Loathing, watched the Cowboys game. Was going to do some shopping [what else does a tourist do in Dallas?] on Monday, but my friend has bronchitis, and wanted me to take her to her doc. Had sushi Monday night at Simon's Sushi again; still tasty but not amazingly so, not sure why. We were sitting with several acquaintances of theirs, which might have had something to do with it- being slightly nervous meant I was less focused on the food.

My AC is out, which is no fun. The apartment manager says the compressor is out, and he might or might not be able to replace it tomorrow.

St Arnold's pub crawl tomorrow night. Apartment party Saturday night.

It never rains, but pours.

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