September 10, 2006

Restricted Area and the Second American Civil War

So, I've been playing a really, really bad computer game: Restricted Area. Basically, an action RPG set in a post apocalype world, that has some significant problems [which the IGN review above understates].

One sort of interesting part is the effort the manual spends on establishing a historical timeline, which is completely unused in the game. Briefly mentioned is an American Civil War, East vs West, around 2050, with the usual megacorps somehow involved.

In the real world, is a second Civil War even possible? I've been trying to come up with a timeline, which I think is at least not completely impossible. Remember, even in states that voted heavily for Bush or Kerry, there were large minorities who voted for the other.

2006: Several close Congressional races, but Republicans retain control.

2008: Continued, increasing fighting in Iraq. Still historically low death tolls in the American military, but a few more allies pull out of the fight due to pressure back home. John Q. Public sees no possible end in sight. Republicans continue to push the social conservative side of things, ramp up the War on Drugs, budget increases tend to bring home the bacon. An increasingly powerful blogosphere brings several problems to light, both in direct government arena [Bridge to Nowhere] and outside it [Ted Kennedy caught in sex scandal]. A "throw the idiots out" feeling develops. No major terrorist attacks worldwide.

A Democrat runs on "I'm not Bush," advocates pulling out of Iraq, and wins the Presidency. The Republican candidate wasn't much stronger on the War on Terror, was never able to make a case for continuing the War.

While President Bush is a lame duck, Iran launches a couple of nukes on Israel, sparing Jerusalem. President Bush immediately responds by nuking Iran.

The incoming president thinks this was a bad idea, and pushes through a rebuild Iran bill.

2011: New York City, Boston, and Washington DC are nuked in a terrorist attack, with the bombs in shipping containers. Bin Ladin claims responsibility, claims it was in retaliation for the US strike on Iran. Large loss of life; financial markets, banks, insurance companies take a major strike with direct damage as well as the EMP pulse. Large numbers of people involved with the federal government are killed. The Democratic President makes a speech, wants to focus on rebuilding and capturing Bin Ladin. Hospitals nationwide overwhelmed by burn victims, some disruption in trade nationwide creates odd shortages, but nothing life threatening in flyover country and the Western states. Massive looting required for survival in areas around the blasts.

More to come...

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