September 04, 2006


Ok, so what's been happening? August was the month of birthdays: a 1 year old cousin, a 5 year old godson, and a 30something female friend. As usual, I went up a couple days early to help with birthday party prep for the godson [was a 45 kid birthday party really necessary?]. As usual, I got pissed off for various small reasons- my friend's trying to create the perfect birthday party meant he kept looking for engineering solutions to problems, while I thought differently. And, I felt like my time was not used in an optimal fashion. I guess.

Probably the biggest problem was at the birthday party itself, looking at the various happy parents and their happy kids, and not really being able to join them.


Still, essentially, putting off doing anything towards living what other people call a life. Considered moving, didn't. Told a friend I was going to post on a gay dating site, haven't. Thought about walking as much as a female friend who's getting ready for a big event. Instead, I've been sitting on my butt and playing Neverwinter Nights and Kingdom of Loathing.

And the world is still headed towards a mess with Iran:

Annan's visit came after Iran ignored the U.N. Security Council's Thursday deadline for Tehran to halt uranium enrichment, opening the door to possible sanctions over concerns that the Iranians are trying to develop atomic weapons.

"On the nuclear issue, the president reaffirmed to me Iran's preparedness and determination to negotiate" a solution to the nuclear confrontation, Annan said at the news conference.

However, Ahmadinejad "reiterated that he did not accept suspension before negotiations," the U.N. chief said, conveying Iran's rejection of a condition set by the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany.

Oh, and I tried to make a chocolate meringue pie from scratch [my dad's favorite, and I want to make a Baked Alaska sometime, just to see how it works]. The meringue came out pretty well, the graham cracker crust was tasty but a little uneven, and the chocolate filling was tasty but pretty runny, even after being refrigerated. Maybe with some work, could be tried on company, but I'd be more likely to just use a boxed pudding mix.

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