July 05, 2006

Not Quite Flooded Out, Yet

It's rained every day for the past week, or so. Joy.

I spent roughly 4 days in San Antonion, a town that I suspect specifically designed its highway system to kill as many drivers as possible. Short, blind entry ramps- gotta love them.

The trip was a modest success. Saw the Alamo City Men's Choral (the guy I was staying with sings in it). Not bad, but not quite as professional as I was expecting. They sang well, but had some problems with the sound system, seating, etc. They did some choreography, but not much, the song choices would have been acceptable for a kid who watches G rated movies [the tickets, posters etc all had This concert may not be appropriate for all audiences], and I kept wanting them to express some emotion. Looking back on it, I think I was just spoiled by my church youth choir during high school [amazing leader/accompanist/songwriter, one soloist at least going on to a professional singing career].

Did some touristy stuff. I puttered around for a couple of hours in the Alamo area waiting for the concert to start. Saw some of the other San Antonio missions [and took some pics]. Went with my friend to The Tower of the Americas [if that's its official name now], which had reopened a week prior.

Went to dinner with some members of the chorus. Got distracted enough that I signed my name MD to the credit card bill, which I haven't done for years. The distraction was probably due to an absurd example of restaurant math, rather than something fun happening under the table. Saw my first gay karaoke in Spanish.

So, not as useful/ exciting/ life altering as I had hoped, but still fun. Glad I went.

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July. And if anyone can explain why my sister called to give me her new address and tell me a friend I knew in elementary school dealt cocaine in high school, let me know.

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