April 24, 2006

Wen Spencer, Author

I just finished her 4th book in the Ukiah Oregon series. Fun stuff, well writen, and gay positive, what more could you want?

The series is too complex to summarize in a few sentences, but to give you an idea: Ukiah was raised by a pack of wolves until he was physically about 13. He was captured and raised by a lesbian couple. He has several gifts which come in very useful as a private detective, and they're also useful for stopping an alien invasion, which has destroyed countless worlds, including some civilizations much more advanced than humanity.

I've also read Tinker-also good stuff. A second book is coming out soon in that universe, Wolf Who Rules, which has been combined into a hardcover by the Scifi Book Club, soon to be published.

She's got something of a blog here- mostly announcements about convention appearances and whatnot. Interview here. Another interview here, this one aimed at new authors.

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