April 10, 2006

My Scheduled Life Plan

Life is not going according to plan, not even a little bit.

1) My laptop is dying a horrible, painful death.
2) The day I was planning on going to my parents' place, I discovered that my new next door neighbor is apparently turning his apartment into a meat locker. Thus, the tube carrying cool air into his place, that happens to go through mine, was dripping condensation all over my closet. Good news: I don't think any comics were ruined. Bad news: all sorts of random crap got wet, and I didn't have nearly enough time to sort it all out.
3) Friday night, got a call from a friend. He's planning/thinking about buying the house behind him, and wondered if I would be interesting in moving into it. The benefits for him are obvious; the benefits for me less so.
4) The week before, talked with another friend. He and a close friend for 20 years or so haven't spoken together for the last 3 months. He doesn't really know why; I have no clue. We talked about possible ways he could deal. The impact on me is: sheesh- if they can get into a fight that may end a 20 year friendship, what does that mean for my friendships.
5) Got a temporary job offered fairly randomly, that would have been pretty good. I couldn't take it. Need to get my butt in gear, seriously.

Blogging is going to be spotty for at least the next week, if not much longer.

Have a good Easter, if you celebrate such. If not, go eat some marshmellow chickens and chocolate bunnies.

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