March 25, 2006


So, the gaming group seems to have dropped from 8-9 people playing at the same time, to 3-4. Maybe. Personality conflicts, real life problems [nearly everyone seems to be living day-to-day; one person has been working at IHOP for three years while she goes to school- the store's had 3 owners, 20 managers over that time], maybe a past history of sexual abuse affecting things.

Real life is messy.

Last week, the GM didn't show up until about 30 minutes after the usual starting time, at his own apartment. This week, the turnout was low enough that we didn't end up playing at all, just shooting the shit, discussing what had been going on, doing some planning for a future LARP. It wasn't bad actually, although I will get pissed if it happens again next week- the St. Arnold's pup crawl is happening this coming Friday.

We'll see.

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